Wednesday, June 27, 2012

May 16th, 2009 [(Sat. 3:15pm)Revised June 27th, 2012]

     Yesterday, the 15th, Lawrence Spann came to Casa Esperanza with what he called a “Writing Workshop”. He offered a talk on Thomas Wolfe after which he asked us to try our hand at writing. My friend Sybille’, whom I dedicated this journal to, was also at the class sitting next to me.
     For our first writing, he asked us to write about, or describe, a face that we love. Here is what I wrote:
Your face is there but unknown to me. I see the wind blow through your hair, the sun in your smile, and paradise in your eyes. I can’t help but wonder who you are. Are you someone I once knew, or someone I’ve yet to meet? This I wish I knew. What I do know however is that your face is there but unknown to me. (end)
     I did not read this in class as was suggested. Until now, Sybille’ is the only person I’ve shared this with.
     For our second exercise in writing we were asked to write about a face that changed our lives. This one I did share with our group, to a small round of applause and an encore reading which I found slightly embarrasing.
Your face has changed with the passing of time, yet it is the same face. The hair may be a different style, or a little thinner, yet it is the same hair.
Your eyes see through me; piercing my innermost secrets that are kept in the darkness.
Your smile is subtle, told with expressions, and it seems it is always at the ready. You laugh with others and try not to laugh at them.
You share their pain equally and quietly.
Of all you know, all you’ve done, all you’ve seen, the only constant is the mirror never lies. (end)

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